Fauna Poles and Rope Bridges


Roads and other mainline infrastructure can provide negative effects on adjacent landscapes, populations and individuals. Fauna are particularly impacted with increased rates of death of wildlife due to changes in their movement patterns and arrangement of their home and habitat. In 2007, the government commenced the research of the installation of rope crossings for fauna and over the following 2 years of research, it was found a large quantity of animals utilised the connecting bridges which in turn increased the lifespan of the mammals. Following this study, the minister requested that investigations were carried out along the “to be constructed” highway sections to see both the effects on the animal groups, and what could be done to minimise the death of animal populations. Careful consideration was taken and the locations of the bridges and glider poles have been specific in location to assist the colonies of mammals.


Rope bridges suspend highways or other infrastructure at the tree canopy level were to restore connectivity for animals such as gliders, possums and other tree bound mammals. This has been a key instrumentation by the government to try and limit the damage to the fauna population and to see longevity of the species in areas where a highway or major infrastructure has been constructed.


Gosling Electrical has been a key contributor to the installation of both fauna rope crossings spanning between tree canopies, and also the construction of glider poles which help the flight of mammals such as the  squirrel glider. The crossings have been along the new highway that connects Sydney to Brisbane. Typically the poles used in the installation range from 18m to 30m in height, with rope bridges spanning up to 80+ metres.


Gosling Electrical have a strong relationship with “Netmakers” who are Australia’s largest manufacturer of nets and crossings for fauna bridges. We are proud to be associated with them as their quality is superior with service and knowledge that brings confidence in producing the long term item that is required.


We are devoted to seeing the continuation of these mammal groups and many more, a passion for our futures generations to enjoy the wildlife that we have here and now.








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